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The Thursday, August 25, 2005, Cranston Herald ran a front-page story about a birthday party for Ben Stanghellini who just turned 85. Mr. Stanghellini is a friend of Carole Cowell, leader of the Rhode Island Scleroderma Support Group, and he declared the party would be a fundraiser. A woman attending the event described Mr. Stanghellini as "A very romantic waltzer and a fast-track jitterbugger," according to the article. One hundred thirty people attended the birthday bash.

Mr. Stanghellini and other Seniors have been volunteering their time for five years, helping stuff and stamp envelopes with Carole for the RI Group's monthly newsletter.The birthday event raised $720 for the Scleroderma Foundation.


Carole was and is overhelmed by the kindness of Mr. Stanghellini and his friends both for the fundraiser and their constant assistance each month.

The Cranston Herald article gave its readers a fine introduction to the disease of scleroderma, which despite its severity, is still relatively unknown to the general public and sadly even to many fine physicians.

Carole Cowell, who has the disease of scleroderma herself, formed the Rhode Island Support Group and has been running it now for eleven years - and counting.